50L Gunge Bath
Starring the following model:
Hey everyone! This is the messiest I have ever gotten. I got all these supplies for a custom that ultimately fell through so I decided to use them and what a result. I start of by covering myself in Marshmallow fluff and chocolate fudge as a base. The the liquids come out! The substances were 12L of Mustard, 12L of Ketchup, 8L of molasses, 8L of Ranch and 2L of Nacho Cheese. Every Bottle gets poured over my head and into the buckets below. Once a bucket is filled, I start head dunking, in total 50 times for the 50 litres of gunge. Once Im done dunking, I pour the bucket over my face again so I can continue on with the deluge of mess. Hope you enjoy it. Thinking about doing a 100L grunge bath if there is interest for it.

File count:1
Total size:1.18 GB
Runtime:40 mins, 8 secs
Scene ID:27538
Includes this file:
4,211 Kbps
1.18 GB
40.1 minutes
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